With those we love alive

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For Those We Love Alive is a very interesting piece. First, I thought about the name, I wonder if it was an irony because the peace is so dark. Even the colors are sad: purple, black, blue, white. Although the last one is not really a sad one. It is a fantasy game, and the main characters are: the empress and you, the person who plays the game. The empress does not seem to be a person. It appears as a dark and monstrous character. The minute you start the game, you have those two characters: “<3”, I wonder what they stand for, and I can’t wait to hear what my classmates will come up with. In the beginning, you choose your element and your eyes color, and the month you were born, and you are given a  name, then you start exploring the castle. No matter what you do, whether you go to the garden, the balcony or your chamber, you ended up going to the same place over and over. It is almost like a web. You can explore the castle or you can exit, either way you have to exit. when I chose my birth month, my name was Cadence Janet. I exited. Then, I changed my birth month to see if there would be a different outcome, my name was Sparma Umgloss but my options were the same, except the color was different but still dark. This game, personally can be perceived as the cycle of life. We grow up, go to school, get a job, have fun sometimes, and then we all die.  There are not too many options in life. the game is sort of a reference of life, a negative one. As some people my perceive life as dark, violent and boring, even cruel, depending on their experience. There are variations in the way we live but overall it is similar. Another theme that I got from this fantasy game is that, we are not the master of our destiny.  In the whole scheme, we seem to be some puppets. The empress is like the  higher power which is not a positive one, and the player represents humanity.


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