Blog #2

Icarus story consists of blocks of colors: blue, orange, green and red. Icarus is in a dream and have to find different objects to move from room to room. The objects range from keys, rope, five peaches, etc. and his girlfriend apparently is in a dream as well. It is a lot of interaction with the arrows and mostly one character Icarus. The music in the background is somewhat soft, typical for a video game. Icarus walks from block to block whether it is to go to another room or upstairs, downstairs. I did not understand the game, but then I read online that a lot of people like it. Maybe, I need to learn how to play video game. I was mostly concern about the color change in the game. I think the blue is probably the state of mine that the character was, maybe he is sad, maybe he is having some issues with his girlfriend. The green, they usually say it means hope. Maybe Icarus hope things get better with is girlfriend. The color orange, I am not sure about the meaning but I look forward to hearing the class on it.


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