Blog # 7

Separation is a very interesting interactive poem. I really enjoyed the poem. In the beginning , the poem started slowly as I read the words and did the exercises suggested. The words started to come faster toward the end, and some of the sentences were longer. I found the exercises relaxing and enjoyable. The type of exercises that would be helpful after a long day sitting behind a desk. In the beginning, the poem was slow and the exercises as well because you started by opening your mouth. I went back to read the poem at a faster pace and the message that I got was  ” I don’t have the right attitude in front of the computer” whereas when I was reading at a slower pace, I was able to get to all the exercises without any difficulty. I was wondering why the background was yellow because it is not the most calming color, blue is instead: but I read that yellow stands for freshness, happiness and positivity.  It would insinuate that after a long day on the computer, yellow would be the perfect color to separate from the machine since it evokes energy, freshness and happiness.

bunch of yellow banana



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